June 06 2022

Tulum, why tulum + how tulum

There are 2 kinds of approaches to travel; regardless of how much you dig a place, the world is so large and there are so many other places to experience, one isn’t ever going to return. The other is, I dig this spot so much and it brings me so much pleasure that I can’t wait to come back.

The later is my way of thinking

I discovered Tulum in 2006, spent a week or so on the beach in a palapa and not only couldn’t i wait to return but i visited with real estate brokers and began my search and discovery of a plan to relocate here. I was hooked! Beach communities were always my fave- loose, casual, free, less uptight, less “normal”, more youthful. Couple that with a Mexican laid back style and toss in a Caribbean vibe and international pleasure seekers and a kind of hippie vibr and presto- a perfect storm of casual living.

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June 30 2022


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