June 30 2022

What to do in Tulum

Living and working in Tulum as opposed to vacationing here are 2 very distinct realities and vacationing by its very definition is the way to go. There are so many things to do; you can be busy and pile a million things to do or you can nap in a hamaca with a cold beer or you can swim in one of the many cenotes or ride a bike and explore the back streets of Tulum pueblo- again, it just depends on your needs and wants

It’s super easy to spend a fortune in Tulum and its pretty much equally easy to live here on the dime- how?

1. The beach is WAY more costly than the pueblo and as Tulum has developed, it has added a new super luxe level which is way expensive- so just be aware.

2. Hate to be negative but if you can, AVOID, taxis as they have become another level costly (like insanely so and without meters we are at their mercy).
Solution: rent a bike
Teetotum actually provides bikes to our guests at no cost- free bike use!; tulum is hot but its flat which makes life easier or:

  • rent a scooter
  • rent a car

3. Be careful where you eat/ Teetotum is very moderately priced with tourists in mind and there are others like us but there are now mega type clubs with chain mentality and bottle service and enormous costs (if thats what you’re into, go) but there are many authentic and fun individually owned restaurants for all kinds of cuisines (next blog i will list my fave spots).
There are cocina economicas- cheap eats in town which are a blast, check them out.

4. Finally- drugs/ come on, you’re here for a week, forget the drugs!
Instead watch the sunrise, or sunset, enjoy one of our cocktails in a hamaca, dive in a cold fresh water cenote, kite surf!, go to daily yoga, arrange for a massage from our in house masseuse, swim in the big laguna, explore the Tulum ruins

In general, relax and enjoy- try to unwind and avoid the hustle.
And remember, we will help however we can so please ask because

We love you

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